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Uganda is truly gifted by nature. The Country has lots of tour attractions to offer the discerning tourist visiting the different regions. We have a list of information for tourists visiting what was termed by Sir Winston Churchill as the Pearl of Africa. Here is your Uganda travel guide.

Please see the list of Uganda tour attractions here.

Uganda Travel Advisory


Uganda being crossed by the equator enjoys one of the best climates with favorable weather conditions. The coolest part is the highlands of south western Uganda Kabale district referred to as “The Switzerland of Africa”.

It is sunny and green all year round with two distinct rainy seasons from March to May and September to November. The temperatures average 27C with the highest being 31C in Karamonja and Kasese.


Uganda has a number of international airlines that fly directly into Entebbe. They include SN Brussels, Emirates, British Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, South African Airways, Gulf Air, Kenya Airways, KLM Royal Dutch Airline, Air Tanzania and Egypt Air among others.


Travel in Uganda is by road. There a number of public commuter mini-buses, special hire taxi with major roads generally in good condition and driving is on the left.
Connecting to other regions is easy with a number of inter-state buses such as Scandinavian express, Regional coach, Falcon, Busscar, Jaguar, Kampala Coach and Gateway operate between Kampala, Nairobi, Mombasa, Kigali and Dar-es salaam.


On arrival at the Entebbe international airport or another entry into the country a single entry visa fee of $50 is payable at the entry point. Make sure you have a valid passport.

Currency and Banking

The Uganda shilling is the legal tender based on the decimal system, divided into denominations of coins and paper notes. When carrying American dollars advised to carry dollar notes of series year 2000 and above, below that will be exchanged at a very low rate.
The exchange rates vary from time to time. Forex bureaus and banks are available to offer you a service. For banking purposes there are international banks like Standard Chartered, Barclays, Bank of Baroda, and Stanbic with banking hours from 8:30-3:00pm Monday to Fridays. Few banks open on weekends. There are no restrictions on money transfers in and out of Uganda.


English is the official language because it was colonized by the British, Kiswahili is widely spoken. In Kampala the native language spoken is Luganda although their other different Bantu and Nilotic language because of the many ethnic tribes being the capital city inhabits from all regions.

Necessary Health Requirements

Vaccination against yellow fever is required. You also need to contact your doctor before leaving your country about anti-malaria treatment and use of skin repellents to avoid mosquito bites. Health insurance is very important.


Country wide Uganda has a variety of hotels in various ranges that suite all kinds of budget and comfortable.
Kampala offers wide range of excellent 5 star hotels, lodges, guesthouses and inns. For any reservations for accommodation should be made in advance. We will take care of all your safari bookings.


Uganda is well served with a wide and reliable mobile phone net work operated by three companies including MTN-Uganda, UTL-Mango, Orange and AirTel. This has made communication very flexible and work easier.

There is a wide availability of internet facilities in Kampala though up country have limited internet points. Most of the hotels provide internet services.

Entertainment and sports

There quite a number of entertainment which vary from casinos,clubs,theatres,cinemas,cultural performances, bars and pubs where people go to relax, enjoy have fun and good times.
The various sporting activities like spot fishing, hiking, golfing and quad riding among others.


Uganda is a peaceful country and enjoys full security. Like any other developing country petty thieves are occasionally in urban centres. Therefore you are advised to be very careful when carrying valuables to avoid pick-pockets. We recommend that you do not go to the streets at night alone. If in a hotel please get advice on where to go. In case of any trouble; call the police immediately on 999 for landlines and 112 for mobile phones. It is however a pity that many Countries do not update their Uganda travel advisory pages.

The regime of the president of Uganda His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has managed to restore law and order in society. The economy has improved and travelers are very safe.

Clothes Uganda Travel Advisory

Uganda is generally warm; therefore you are advised to dress light. During most months there is no need for warm clothes. Areas around Lake Victoria humidity is high so light cotton fabrics are advised. For your Uganda safaris we recommend to have very comfortable shoes. There are a number of Uganda travel advisory information out there about safari clothing. However many

What to Carry

You need to carry what is necessary for a trip and can fit on a safari vehicle. A hand bag for tracking and keeping valuable documents. Do not forget to carry a hat, swim suite, binoculars, sunglasses, sun protection products, torch, rain jacket and insects repellent.

Food and Drinks

A country gifted by nature is blessed with fresh food, vegetables and fruits country wide. Both traditional and Inter-continental dishes are served in different hotels and restaurants. For specific dietary requirements we advice you conform in advance.


The people in Uganda are generally very friendly and welcoming. Taking photographs is allowed, except specific places for security purposes. The driver/guide will be their to guide you. In case you need to purchase batteries for your camera their available