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Rwenzori Mountains National Park

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Rwenzori mountains the Mystical Challenge are the legendary snow-capped mountains of the moon with an elevation of 5,109m. Mount Stanley is the highest peak and not volcanic. In 1991 the Rwenzori Mountains were gazetted as a national park hence the name Rwenzori mountains national park. Uganda holds the largest part of the mountain and the other side borded by Congo. The park headquarters are located at the foothills of the mountains. If offers an enjoyable and exciting adventure which must be well planned because it’s very challenging
There six glaciers with permanent covering of snow on the peaks namely Mt. Stanley (5,109m), Mt. Speke (4,890m), Mt. Baker (4,843m), Mt. Emin (4,798m), Mt. Gessi (4,715m) and Mt. Luigi di savoia (4,627m).

The luxuriant unique vegetation of rwenzori boasts of five different vegetation zones including bamboo zone, heather zone and Afro alpine, montane forest, grassland and moorland zone. The giant lobelia and groundsels are some of the plants found at the higher altitude.

Rwenzori mountains national park Jackson's chameleon

Jackson’s chameleon in Rwenzori mountains national park

The lower slopes of the mountain inhabit some mammals like duikers. Birds species like Rwenzori turaco, Francolins, Olive pigeon, mountain buzzards and white necked raven.

The Rwenzoris offers excellent mountaineering and hiking opportunities which gives one a wonderful and memorable experience. The central circuit which takes 7 days exposes the visitors climbing, unique vegetation and bird experience. It is recommended before climbing, one needs to be in good health condition and physically fit. The Rwenzori Mountaineering Services (RMS) provides all the necessary climbing equipment.

The water from the mountains is used for generation of hydro power, domestic use and irrigation.

Rwenzori Mountains National Park Activities

  1. Bird Watching:  With over 217 recorded bird species there are a lot of birds to see. These include Sunbirds, Bee-eaters, barbets and robin in Rwenzori Mountains National Park.
  2. Nature walks and Hiking
  3. Volcanic mountain climbing: The climbing trails go through gorgeous sceneries,  glacial lakes, wonderful mountain passes and lush valleys. Rwenzori mountains national park has the third highest peak in Africa.