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Mount Rwenzori Climbing

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For centuries, the Rwenzori Mountains astride Uganda’s border with the Democratic Republic of Congo, dominated the legends of ancient Africa. The range was forced up during the formation of the East African Rift Valley system. Time, weather and erosive forces mainly glaciers and rivers, shaped the mountains as we see them today. The combination of altitude, landscape and effusion of colors is so magnificent and scenic, as to make the Rwenzori a unique afro-alpine experience.
To savoir a slice of what these mountains have to offer, both professional climbers and casual day hikers endure up to seven days at a time, in extreme weather to share this experience.
At 5109 meters above sea level, Margaritah is the highest peak on the mountain. The mountain has 6 high peaks which are permanently covered in snow. The highest of these being Mount Stanley.

Mount Rwenzori Climbing

The six peaks are Mt. Stanley (5,109m), Mt. Speke (4,890m), Mt. Baker (4,843m), Mt. Emin (4,798m), Mt. Gessi (4,715m) and Mt. Luigi di savoia (4,627m). These will offer the climbers and hikers varying challenges.

There are equipment for hire with Mount Rwenzori Mountaineering services. This is a boast for tourists intending to do a Mount Rwenzori climbing without necessary gear. The mountains also described as Mountains of the Moon has seen a number of high profile personalities ascend its heights. Like climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, come do a Mount Rwenzori climbing and experience the roof of Africa.

For your trip it is necessary to ensure that one is fit enough. Please exercise and prepare prior to your trip and have your doctors give you a clean bill of health. Mount Rwenzori climbing can be such an arduous task and requires a degree of fitness. For the casual hiker, the mountain has a lot to offer tourists. There are endemic bird and wildlife species found in the national park.