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Uganda Bird Watching

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Detailed Itinerary

Uganda is about the size of Britain, it has more than 1,200 bird species recorded, making it possibly the richest African birding destination – “a wonderland for birds”. Its location near the East African savannah, the Central African rainforest and the semi-desert of the north gives it a remarkable diversity. Key species include shoebill, martial eagle, black bee-eater, white-tailed lark, white-winged warbler and papyrus gonolek. Over 300 species of birds have been recorded in Bwindi including several Albertine rift endemics – red-throated alethe, Archer’s robin-chat, Kivu ground thrush and montane masked apalis. Uganda bird watching can be very rewarding for tourists given its diversity. Over 180 species of birds have been recorded in Mgahinga, including the Rwenzori touraco and the handsome francolin.

Uganda Bird Watching Apps

To help in promoting Uganda bird watching. Some IT specialists have developed an application that will help in identifying some of the bird species list found in the country. To find the application please visit Google Store and search for “Birds of Uganda”. It is a free app that you can install and it has over 550 bird species listed.

Some of the aras for Uganda Bird Watching:

    1. Kampala city
    2. Entebbe area
    3. Queen Elizabeth national Park birding tour
    4. Budongo forest
    5. Murchison Falls National Park birding safari.
    6. Lake Mburo national park and its surroundings
    7. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.
    8. Bigodi swamp and wetlands arounds
    9. Semiliki National Park.
    10. Kibale National park.
    11. Mabamba swamp and wetland (known for its rare shoebill storks)
    12. Mabira Forest
    13. Botanical Gardens
    14. Mgahinga Forest and national park